At Thousand Island Park, USA during 19 June 1895 to 6 August 1895 (for about 7 weeks) Swami Vivekananda conducted a spiritual retreat to a small group of interested and serious students of Vedanta. The lectures of Swami Vivekananda were noted down by Miss Ellen Waldo and were first published in book form with the title ‘Inspire Talks‘.

Dev Bani‘ is the Bengali translation of ‘Inspire Talks‘. In this book highest ideas of the scriptures from both the East and the West are dealt with in lucid language and presented in the form of spiritual instructions. In these lectures, Swamiji spoke about the Highest Truths and highest sadhanas (spiritual practices) in an exalted state and these utterances are considered by many as the words of God. His words impregnated with spiritual power represent eternal truths and are the fountain-head of eternal inspiration for the earnest spiritual seekers.

In this course these inspired talks of this great rishi will be discussed in the light of the scriptures with emphasis on its applications to develop and enrich our lives.

Medium of Instruction: Bengali

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