Sri Sri Ramakrishna Kathamrita

The teachings of Sri Ramakrishna (Kathamrita or ‘Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna’ in English), faithfully transcribed by Sri Mahendranath Gupta (Sri Ma), is a unique hagiography in the history of spirituality where Bhagavan Ramakrishna, a God realized person, a Brahma-Vijnani, an avatara and a guru is teaching the path of Liberation or Knowledge to the lay disciples in a simple language with intelligible examples taken from our day to day life situations. Highest knowledge or eternal truths which are recorded in the scriptures as abstruse concepts flowed from his lips as Kathamrita in easily understandable form even for a person without any formal schooling.

These spiritual teachings of the great master will be discussed in this course (in Bengali) in the light of the scriptures as well as with its modern interpretation which will help a seeker of Truth to grasp the meaning of spiritual life while maintaining peace of mind amidst busy life. The lucid language, homely examples, highest spiritual truths and spiritually charged words of the Kathamrita are like nectar to the devotees. By discussion and contemplation on the truths of Kathamrita one can feel the touch of Scriptures in one hand and the blessings of Avatara Sri Ramakrishna on the other.

Sri Sri Chandi

Also known as Devi Mahatmyam or Durga Saptashati is the description of Shakti (Power), the active aspect of the Ultimate Reality conceived of as ‘Mother’ (Goddess), where the Goddess takes various forms to eradicate dark forces to settle the problems of celestial deities as well as human beings. It is a very popular sacred text for the Sakti-upasakas in India especially in Bengal. People praise & propitiate the Adi-Shakti through Chandi Maha Stotra parayana (or chanting) to get Her blessings.

In this course, the proper way of parayana (chanting) of the text will be taught along with the implied meaning of the Text.


The methods of chanting of various sanskrit-stotras in praise of various deities/Nirguna-Brahman will be taught and the meanings discussed so as to help develop devotion. These chantings may also be used as means of contemplation.

Medium of Instruction: Bengali

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