As in every year, the whole of Durga Saptashati (Sri Sri Chandi) will be chanted by the sannyasins and brahmacharins of the University in the monks’ quarters’ Thakurghar on 16 October 2020 (Friday) which is the day of Amavasya preceding Durga Puja. This programme will be web-streamed online and all our devotees, students, faculty etc., are requested to join though the link given below:

16 October 2020 (Friday): 9.00 to 11.30 AM
Chanting of the whole of Sri Sri Chandi
Link to the RKMVERI ISH Channel:

Durga Saptashati Chanting (Chandipath) on Mahalaya Amavasya for ISH certificate courses’ students and others on 16 Oct 2020

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