Important Details pertaining to the Certificate Course Programme are given below.

Course beginning

On the 12th January (i.e. National Youth Day) or on the tithipuja-day of Swami Turiananda (in January) certificate-awarding-ceremony is organized for the previous year’s batch at the University’s Belur-Campus auditorium. Usually in the same function the new session is inaugurated in a brief manner.


For all Certificate courses at least one examination is conducted in a semester (2 semesters in a year) in the form of written-examination / assignment / presentation.

Results Declaration and Certificate Awards

The results are declared at the end of the courses (which generally end on the 3rd Sunday of December).

The Certificate-awarding ceremony is organized at the University’s Belur-Campus auditorium on 12th of January or on the Tithipuja-day of Swami Turiananda (in January).

Certificates with grades: are awarded to the students who pass the examination and have a class attendance of 50% or more.

Participation-certificates: are awarded to the students who could not pass the exam or didn’t write the exam, but have secured a class attendance of 50% or more. Attendance percentage will be mentioned in their participation-certificates.

Credits: The total duration of the course in the form of credits (1 credit = 16 lecture hours ) are also mentioned in the certificates.

Special prizes are given at the end of the course to the successful students with 100% attendance.


At present most of the instructors of the Courses are monks (monastic members) of the University (and Belur Math) except for the Communicative Sanskrit Courses.

In the cases of Communicative Sanskrit (Preliminary, Intermediate and Advanced) courses, the instructors are MA/M.Phil. Students and other resource persons from the Department of Sanskrit Studies of the University under the coordination of in-Charge Swami(s) and Senior teachers of the Department.